Since 2000

Heavy machinery repair
Engineering services

About us

Our main areas of business are repair and restoration of trucks, trailers and heavy machinery. We are specialists of complex coachbuilding and transport engineering.

2000 Since

50 Employees

22 Special repairs per month

4000 m2 Workshop floor area

>60 Complex bodies fabricated

Repairs of heavy machinery / commercial transport

Our services include repairs of trucks and trailers, various farm and forest machinery and other types of heavy vehicles after accidents, including geometry restoration and painting. We renovate valuable specialized machinery and mechanical components extending their operational time and saving your money.

  • 01. Isothermal semi-trailer repairs
  • 02. Tent semitrailer repairs
  • 03. Truck accident repairs
  • 04. Specialized transport repairs
  • 05. Farm and forest machinery repairs
  • 06. Bus, minibus and van repairs
  • 07. Geometry repairs
  • 08. Axle repairs

Coachbuilding of specialized bodies

Our team has over twenty years of experience designing and building complex bodies for special purpose vehicle including outside broadcast, control and command trucks, racing team trailers, motorhomes and more. Our infrastructure and ecosystem in and around our factory allows delivery of the most complex and unique coachbuilding projects.

  • 01. Outside broadcast trucks
  • 02. Command and control trucks
  • 03. Prisoner transport
  • 04. Race trailers and transporters
  • 05. Motorhomes
  • 06. Other bodies and constructions

Engineering and production services

Our engineering team undertakes various complex and custom projects. We have undertaken numerous truck styling, commercial van modification, custom trailer projects. We have designed and fabricated individual parts to improve operations of various heavy industry machinery.

  • 01. Truck styling
  • 02. Engineering services
  • 03. Product development
  • 04. Special purpose vans
  • 05. Special purpose trailers